Longbow - Greatsword Ranger.

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Compétences d'arme
Long bow Greatsword
Long Range Shot Rapid Fire Tir du chasseur Point Blank Shot Barrage Entaille Plongeon Contre-attaque Lacération Coup de manche
Compétences utilitaire
Heal as One Pierre à aiguiser Quickening Zephyr Signet of the Wild Saccage en équipe

This PvP (or WvWvW) build is focused on high damage, critical hits, bleeds and speed. 

The best way to kill the target quickest is to pop all 7-8-9-0 spells and then attack with the longbow at a long range, using quickening zephyr will give your long range shot lots of damage and more when it is supported by the buffs. 

The best pets for the build are the Lynx and the Snow Leopard, these both have the same equal amount of stats and are both extremely powerful, although the Lynx has proven to be higher in terms of damage per second. 


When in PvP, use Six Superior Runes of Divinity, and for the accessories pick the Knight's Amulet with the Berserker's Jewel. 

On the longbow, pick the Sigil of Superior Air for a 30% chance to cause a lightning strike on a critical hit, and do the same for the greatsword. 


By the end of the build, your character should have the following.

Power -1970.
Precision -1920.
Toughness -976.
Vitality -1819.
Attack -3050.
Crit. chance -52%.
Armor -2040.
Health - 24112.
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Longbow - Greatsword Ranger.

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Marksmanship : 30 {III, VIII, X}
Skirmishing : 30 {I, II, XII}
Beastmastery : 10 {I}

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